A multicultural dream, 2014

Mosque in Amsterdam – is an interactive documentary about the construction of the Westermoskee in Amsterdam West. An initiative, that began in 1994, to build a megalomaniac Turkish prayer house, transforms into a prestigious multicultural project to promote the integration of the Dutch Muslim-Turks. However, after a fierce conflict between liberal Muslims and conservatives the project degenerated into a big debacle. The multicultural dream turns out to be an illusion and, by the changing times, never becomes a reality.

Nevertheless, the Westermoskee is now, 20 years later, being built: without the idealistic framework, but still, in the middle of an old district inhabited by new residents. In this interactive nonfiction narrative, we follow the stakeholders of the mosque while it’s under construction. How do residents deal with the construction of a prominent mosque in front of their homes? In addition, we look back on the turbulent past with all the major players.

Mosque in Amsterdam is made with the support of the Mediafonds, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie and the Filmfonds.

Media Partners: De Correspondent, De Groene Amsterdammer, Het Parool and publisher Atlas-contact.

Contact: info@moskeeindestad.nl