Adolfo Gomez & Antonio Laclé gradient
“I hope their promises still stand once the mosque has opened”

Adolfo Gomez & Antonio Laclé

Adolfo (Venezuela, 1967) has been living in the Netherlands for 22 years and started to rent a house in the Piri Reïscomplex 2.5 years ago. He has a relationship with Antonio (Aruba, 1965) who has been living in the Netherlands for 32 years. At the moment he lives on the nearby Nassaukade. Adolfo is an interior designer and Antonio a sales coordinator. Adolfo is very happy with his house. ‘It’s quiet, the neighbours are nice, it’s centrally located and the cosy Kinkerstraat is just around the corner.’ He knew there was a chance that the mosque would be built, but this didn’t affect his choice to live here.