Dusun Kiliç gradient
“It should also be their mosque. The neighbours are most important ”

Dusun Kiliç

In 2013, Dusun Kiliç (Kayseri, Turkey, 1963) is commissioned by Manderen BV to be the project manager of the current construction of the Westermoskee. Kiliç comes to the Netherlands at the age of seven and grows up in the town of Aalten in the Province of Gelderland. After studying to become an engineer, he joins the real estate branch of the municipality of Utrecht, where he develops new buildings and renovates historic sites. He also works for the building department of Utrecht University. Since 2008, Kiliç owns NIYATA Buildings, with which he has built mosques in Soest, Roosendaal and Doetinchem. Kiliç also is a parliamentarian for the Labour Party in the province of Utrecht.