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Fatih Üçler Daǧ

Fatih Üçler Daǧ (Aksaray, Turkey, 1976), or Fatih Daǧ, comes to the Netherlands with his family to join his father in 1989. Already in the nineties, he attends the Aya Sofya mosque in De Baarsjes, and is asked to be chairman after a pilgrimage to Mecca in 2004. After many disagreements with Üzeyir Kabaktepe, Daǧ takes over the administrative control from him in 2006. This take-over is dubbed by the outside world as the ‘coup of Cologne’, since the headquarters in Cologne are thought to be behind it. In the years that follow, the Turkish Dutchman gets into conflict with director Frank Bijdendijk of housing corporation Het Oosten. Years of lawsuits follow. Eventually Manderen BV and Het Oosten separate in 2011, allowing the construction of the Westermoskee by Daǧ and its people. In 2012, he stands down as mosque chairman and director of Manderen BV.