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“Moroccan or Turkish; a mosque is a mosque”

Mohamed & Ouassima

Mohamed El Morabet (Morocco, Tetouan, 1967) is living in the Piri Reïscomplex with his wife Ouassima Chebli (Morocco, Chefchaouen, 1976) since mid-2011. They have three sons. Ouassima has arrived in the Netherlands in 1986 and works in child care. Mohamed has been living in the Netherlands since 1984 and is a taxi driver. They are happy with the mosque in front of their home. According to the Quran, a Muslim should pray in the nearest mosque. It does not matter whether it is a Moroccan, Turkish or Pakistani mosque. The official language in the Quran is Arabic. Only general statements in the mosque are made in Turkish, and Mohamed is not too shy to ask what was said. As a taxi driver with irregular hours, Mohamed often prays at different places. “A mosque is a mosque.”